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Fellowship Teacher Success

Congratulations to Miss Nicola who is officially a Fellowship Teacher and member of the IDTA.

Following two exams in December 2021, in Ballet and Contemporary Modern Jazz, Miss Nicola has successfully passed her Fellowship exams in two dance genres with Distinction.

Ballet - 92%

Contemporary Modern Jazz - 95%

Since then Miss Nicola has also completed her Fellowship Tap & Theatre Craft in July 2022, again passing with Distinction.

Tap - 92%

Theatre Craft - 97%

A Fellowship is the highest teaching qualification before progressing on to become an examiner which Miss Nicola aspires to be.

Examined by IDTA Faculty members and IDTA Directors Miss Nicola was assessed by some highly respected examiners within the association. These exams where her final Theatre exams which she started in 2016. All of her exams have been passed with marks of 90% and above.

Being a Fellowship Teacher means that Miss Nicola can teach and enter students up to and including Advanced 2 level; the highest exam students can take.

The success of these exams makes Miss Nicola the most qualified teacher in the immediate area.

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