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Branded Uniform can be purchased from our Online Store.

All shoes and leotards can be purchased from our Dance House Shop 38 Guildford Road, Lightwater, Surrey, GU18 5SN 

Pre-School and Primary

Pre-School & Prep Tap, Ballet & Modern

Pink Leotard & Skirt, white tap shoes & pink Ballet shoes 

Pink socks or Pink Ballet Tights 

Primary Tap, Ballet & Modern

Black Leotard & Skirt, Black Tap Shoes, Pink Ballet Shoes 

White Socks for Tap & Modern Exams 

Pink Socks for Ballet Exams 

Ballet Uniform

Grade 1 & 2 Ballet

Black Leotard, Pink Ballet shoes, Pink Socks 

Grade 3 Ballet and Above

Burgundy Leotard, Pink ballet Tights, Pink Ballet Shoes 

Boys Ballet Uniform

White Leotard, Black Stirrup Lights, White Socks, Black or White Ballet Shoes 

Tap and Modern

Grade 1 & 2 Tap & Modern

Black Leotard, TJTA Leggings, Black Socks, Black Tap Shoes, Pink Ballet Shoes 

Grade 3+ Tap & Modern

Black Leotard of your choice, TJTA Leggings, Black Tap Shoes

Bare Feet for Modern Exams 

Stage Tights & Tan Jazz Shoes for Theatre Craft Exams 

Street Dance

Street Dance Boys

TJTA Vest & Black Tracksuit Bottoms

Street Dance Girls

Your choice of T-Shirt and Leggings or Tracksuit Bottoms from the Rock the Dragon Website 

Acrobatics and Stage School


Pink Acro Leotard with TJTA Acro shorts or TJTA Leggings from the Rock the Dragon Website 

Stage School

TJTA Leggings, TJTA T-Shirt & Black Jazz Shoes 

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